Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Russian teen's dad forces him to file complaint about gay protester he saw online; father hates gays because ex-wife left him for a woman; Dimitry Isakov may be first to be convicted under new gay propaganda law

Above: Dmitry Isakov holds a sign reading “Being gay and loving gays is normal.
Beating gays and killing gays is a crime! (cs306713.vk.me / Via VK)

Max Seddon of BuzzFeed reports on the first person who may be convicted (not charged) under Russia's new gay "propaganda" law.
Police in the central Russian city of Kazan filed charges against Dmitry Isakov Thursday for his protest on July 30 this year, his legal team told BuzzFeed. Isakov stood in the city center holding a sign that said, “Being gay and loving gays is normal. Beating gays and killing gays is a crime!”
Isakov, 24, is not the first person charged under the law, passed in late June, but stands a good change of being the first person convicted under it, his legal team said...
Police filed the charges on the basis of a complaint from a teenager in the northern Arkhangelskaya province who had seen Isakov’s protest online. The teenager, Erik Fedoseyev, wrote that he had been forced to write the complaint by his father, who hates LGBT people because his ex-wife, Fedoseyev’s mother, had left the family to live with another woman when he was four...
Isakov told the The Times of London that after his one-man protest, Kazan cops beat him so badly he had to walk on crutches for ten days. When he was well enough to return to work, he discovered that the local branch of then-Sberbank had fired him.

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