Monday, September 30, 2013

David Mixner: NJ Gov. Christie a 'total coward' on marriage equality

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Mixner, a political strategist and civil rights activist of long standing, did not hide his disdain for the gap between Christie's claimed fealty to the will of the people of New Jersey in respect of voting on gay civil rights and his contradictory willingness to override that will, as measured in public opinion polling, via the exercise of his veto power. 
     He has already vetoed marriage equality once after it had passed the state legislature. The polls show that the people of New Jersey want marriage equality by two to one margin. Those number have been consistent for months.
     Christie's leadership? He wants a ballot issue that will cost millions and millions of dollars, divide the state and allow voters to vote on the rights of other Americans. He has been a total coward on this issue.

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