Thursday, August 29, 2013

Video: Gay comic and ex-NSA employee Wanda Sykes wants Edward Snowden to 'rot' in jail for disclosures of surveillance abuse of Americans

Ex-NSA employee/comic Wanda Sykes on expectations of privacy by U.S. citizens:
'How arrogant are you to think that your conversations are that important?'

NSA alumna Sykes had a lot to say about privacy

It just drives me nuts that people are all "Oh, the government's listening to my stuff." Well then get the hell off Facebook then... Oh, my privacy! Oh, my privacy! Get the hell out of here with that crap...
and about Edward Snowden
"They should get him back here, try him, and he rots in jail."
Sykes was offended that people confuse contracters like Snowden (who dropped out of high school, then got a G.E.D.) with NSA employees like the one she used to be, noting pointedly that she herself has a "college degree," which AKSARBENT supposes distinguishes Sykes from such lower class, intellectually inferior high school dropouts like Kodak founder George Eastman, directors Peter Jackson and Quentin Tarantino, writer George Bernard Shaw, Wendy's founder Dave Thomas, and fellow comedian Richard Pryor, not to mention ABC news anchor Peter Jennings.
     Speaking of ABC News, it reported in 2008 that NSA intercept operators in Ft. Gordon, Georgia, passed around phone sex conversations of soldiers and officers with their wives and girl friends.
     But AKSARBENT is sure that they were all college graduates, and not G.E.D. temps.
     Just like Wanda Sykes!

A few YouTube comments posted in response to the above video:
reelreeler're a funny comedian Wanda, but having the 4th amendment shit on ain't funny, and now you seem just like another government thug talking.
Daniel P
Wow, I thought you were cool Sykes...
For the first time, I don't agree with Wanda.
The NSA has also spied on anti-Vietnam war activists and, during the Iraq war, to have spied on the those who thought we shouldn’t invade Iraq for no reason.

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