Tuesday, July 2, 2013

IA GOP Gov. Terry Branstad tries to con voters into believing neither he nor Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds knew they were doing 90 MPH on rural highway and being chased by police

Branstad, Reynolds
KETV reports that following the release of audio recordings indicating reckless speeding of the Governor's vehicle, an Iowa state trooper, Larry Hedlund, has been placed on leave.
     Hedlund complained about kid glove treatment of the GOP state executives after he pursued a black Chevy Tahoe,
driven by another Iowa state trooper and carrying Iowa Governor Branstad along with the state's Lieutenant Governor, which was going "a hard 90" on rural Iowa Highway 20.
     Here's what the Huffington Post said:

The incident happened on Friday afternoon, and Hedlund complained Monday, April 29, to superiors about the governor's driver being let go without consequence, Hedlund's attorney, Tom Duff, said. Two days later, the attorney said, agents showed up at Hedlund's home to take his gun, badge, car, phone and laptop and inform him he was on leave. Duff said they told Hedlund it was for alleged insubordination and rules violations.
     Here's the asinine, arrogant and unapologetic statement issued by the office of Iowa's governor:
"We have public safety professionals who drive the governor and lieutenant governor throughout Iowa's 99 counties. We have great faith and trust in Iowa's law enforcement officials to ensure the safety of the governor and all Iowans. The governor and lieutenant governor were in the vehicle, but were unaware this event had occurred. When we learned the DPS would be sending a release regarding this event, the governor was informed of the incident this morning," said [spokesman Tim] Albrecht.
     And here's Kim Reynolds, speaking at a Paul Ryan event in Council Bluffs last year, accusing President Obama of having "no style" and of playing Iowans for fools. 
     AKSARBENT wouldn't go so far as to call her hypocritical and kind of a bitch — let's just say she's gratuitously catty and embraces double standards, shall we?

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