Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nebraska Catholic Conference: 'Fortunately' Supreme Court didn't molest NE law denying marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships to gay couples

Fr. Wetovick: looks
harmless but watch out
(Parish photo)
Not directly related, but fun: Here's some recent news that neither the Omaha Archdiocese nor the Nebraska Catholic conference has issued a press release about — Grand Island priest (Rev. Michael E. Wetovick, left) charged with making terroristic threats, attempted second-degree assault and using a large piece of wood to commit a felony

From NCC's press release:
Fortunately, the Supreme Court’s rulings are also highly significant because of what the Court did not do: it did not hold that there is a constitutional right to legally recognized same-sex “marriage;” it did not hold that the U.S. Constitution imposes a redefinition of marriage on the states (other than the impact of the procedural ruling on California); it did not rule that sexual orientation is a protected classification. Importantly, the the Supreme Court’s rulings do not have any cognizable impact on Article I, Section 29 of the Nebraska State Constitution, which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman and prohibits state and local governmental recognition of civil unions, domestic partnerships or any similar same-sex relationship.
Below: Fr. Chris Kubat, (at the 1:40 mark) in May of 2012 before the Lincoln City Council, accusing other people of "intellectual dishonesty" for truthfully pointing out the Nebraska Catholic Conference's efforts to allow mental health professionals to deny gay people referrals to other counselors after they refused to treat them.

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