Friday, June 7, 2013

More on Verizon domestic spying dragnet scandal

Left, a screencap of a news report on the domestic spying scandal that is a little more cynical and a little less deferential to Washington's spymasters than most coverage; watch it here. We would have embedded it, but the BrightCove clip has autoplay obnoxiously enabled, and the means to turn that off is well hidden.

Three key questions for the White House on the Verizon phone record dragnet

Time for CBS to hire a different security correspondent: watch John Miller act as a defacto tool for apologists who would minimize of the FBI/NSA's massive domestic spying apparatus ensnaring at at least 100,000,000 Americans

The Guardian has also published the Top Secret NSA slide show and claims the NSA has "direct access" to the servers of top U.S. Internet companies through its Prism program. Microsoft, the first to cooperate with this domestic spying initiative, is currently running an advertising campaign, the Guardian wryly notes, with the slogan "Your privacy is our priority"

On CNN last month, Tim Clemente, a former FBI counter-terrorism agent, when asked about the phone calls made between Boston Bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his wife as much as admitted that the government does record all phone conversations: he said the FBI could recover a phone call made a week earlier

From the FindLaw technology blog: Three things to know about the NSA Verizon Surveillance Scandal:
1. The data is not simply numbers
2. Bush did it first
3. It may MAY NOT be legal

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