Friday, June 7, 2013

Here's Lindsey Graham crudely trying to con the public with low rent excuses for FBI/NSA domestic spying dragnet of 100 million Americans

Behold South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham once again playing voters for fools. AKSARBENT has thoughtfully provided bracketed explanations of Graham's corrupt, constitutionally faithless, sucker pitch:
     I'm a Verizon customer [yes you are, senator, among many other things].
     It doesn't bother me one bit for the National Security Administration to have my phone number [Therefore, it shouldn't bother 100,000,000 other Americans to have who they call, where they call from, and how long they talk recorded by the government].
     Because what they're trying to do is find out what terrorist groups we know about and individuals and who the hell they're calling [and the best way to find out who terrorists are calling is to spy on about 100,000,000 Americans they aren't calling.]

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