Monday, June 24, 2013

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes, ever on the prowl for a Obama vs. soldiers story to gin up, canonizes another martyr

The military has thrown the book at Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers for tweets and bumper stickers attacking the commander in chief, but Starnes told his followers the discipline is religious persecution.
     You can read more here, but what caught our eye as an even greater example of Starnes' phoniness was a link on his Fox News page, also about Sommers (whose plight Starnes has milked repeatedly) entitled "Soldier Told Not to Read Levin, Limbaugh or Hannity in Uniform"
     Gee, Todd, maybe said soldier could listen to Rush on Armed Forces Radio, which broadcasts his show daily day but didn't serve up liberal counterparts, like Air America, at all.

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