Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HuffPost 'Gay Voices' contributer — who 'disapproves' of 'gay lifestyle' — likes the gay candidate in Jasper, TX mayoral race (or maybe just can't stand the incumbent)

Oh, hell, Bethany Blankley supports Max Griffin for Mayor! But she dstill disapproves of his lifestyle:
     Like myself, conservative evangelical Christians disapprove of the gay lifestyle, but still choose to love gays...
     Rather than obsessing about Griffin's sexual orientation, voters should consider Griffin's desire to serve the very people who despise him. Griffin is the most qualified for the job, having been responsible at one point in his career for managing nearly 6,000 operational airline employees. He plans to use this managerial experience to expedite the process of recruiting and hiring a new police chief (Jasper still does not have one after nearly one year, which is against Texas law), reviewing the city's administrative processes, and providing government transparency -- all of which the current mayor has not done.
     When it comes to character, Griffin is an upstanding member of the community who has never been arrested. Lout, on the other hand has been arrested for public intoxication and drunken and disorderly conduct after he crashed into a Sonic and left the scene shirtless. He also lives with his girlfriend to whom he is not married. How can he or any of his supporters honestly criticize anyone else's moral behavior?
     The only thing voters should care about is who is the most qualified to be mayor. After all, as most of Jasper's residents know, they've had a gay mayor before; he just wasn't openly gay.

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