Saturday, April 13, 2013

Corporate zombie of the day: Cox Cable's Gail Graeve

The Omaha World-Herald just ran a story on Century Link's planned roll-out (in some parts of Omaha) of a new fiber-optic cable service powered by Microsoft software (wonder what the privacy agreement for that looks like.)
     Anyway, although the Cox SpokesZombie interviewed by the Herald refused to comment on Century Link's product, she did give the paper her bestest PowerPoint spiel:
“The marketplace for video has evolved with an increased number of entities offering a product,” Graeve said. “With the growth of online offerings, consumers have more viewing options than ever before. To be competitive, our overall business strategies are driven by innovation in technology, providing the products customers are seeking and delivering superior customer service.”
     Wow! Hulu, Netflix and YouTube give people new choices! How insightful! And so interestingly put! And so au courant, n'est-ce pas?
      And Cox wants to make money by embracing modern technology, not giving customers what they don't want, and solving their problems! But phrased in an eye-glazing, narcotic infusion of biz-speak to the readers of a general interest newspaper!
     How much does Cox pay this PR wizard woman?

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