Saturday, March 16, 2013

Zack Ford deconstructs, then demolishes George Will's tautological dismissal of social science research supporting gay marriage

While we go look up "tautological," we suggest you read our rip-off teaser of Zack Ford's thumbsucker of a rebuttal to George Will's too-smart-by-half critique of a discipline in which he probably has zero training, and then surf to ThinkProgress for the rest.
     Though we at AKSARBENT try not to think about George Will too much, we always remember him around St. Patrick's Day, because once on This Week George Stephanopoulos entertainingly shut down Will after he defended the Ancient Order of Hibernians for excluding gay Irish New Yorkers marching under their own banner because their supposed agenda wasn't appropriate for the parade.
     Stephanopoulos gave Will a look and said, "Saying who you are is not an agenda, George."

While it’s true that the full impact of same-sex marriage cannot be measured until same-sex marriage is actually allowed, this is largely irrelevant, because millions of children are already being raised by committed same-sex couples across this country — Will refers to this as “rare.” It doesn’t require social science to assess how those families would automatically benefit from the freedom to marry. Moreover, ample research about same-sex parenting has been accumulating for years, as was explained in a brief supported by all major medical organizations in this country. And the American Sociological Association took extra care in a separate brief to debunk the Regnerus study, which conservative groups manipulated specifically so they could use it to argue against same-sex parenting in the courts.
     It seems that the only “premature social science conclusions” being made about same-sex parenting are by conservatives like Will who simply haven’t read up on the subject.

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