Thursday, March 28, 2013

Short Takes: biggest Internet attack yet; Willie Nelson fakes the rainbow, physician accused of mass murder, Bob Casey asked about his marriage equality silence

Pennsylvania House member Brian Sims writes an open letter to Sen. Bob Casey, who defeated Sen. Rick Santorum, about why he is conspicuously silent about the gay marriage debate. (Six senate Democrats have endorsed same sex marriage in the last week.)

Willie Nelson playfully trolls Texas Monthly by declaring he'd never marry "a guy I didn't like"

Brazilian Doctor on trial for killing seven patients, but authorities suspect as many as 300 victims. Possible reason? Increased turnover in profitable private hospital intensive care unit

Fight between shady Dutch web site hosting service and group fighting spam which blacklisted it results in biggest distributed denial of service attack in Internet history; a data stream reaching 300 billion bits per second with collateral damage to Netflix, other mainstream sites  

Law enforcement authorities have been withholding information about the nature of StingRay cell-site simulators from courts in order to obtain search warrants to use device, which penetrates walls of homes and scoops up cell phone data from bystanders as well as suspects

Obama administration has stopped throwing good money after bad by refusing to defend constitutionality of DOMA after two federal courts said it was unconstitutional. But Lee Terry, Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith have spent $3,000,000 of your taxes defending DOMA, even though Congress may not even have standing to do so

Why you should never tell the checkout clerk your zip code

ThinkProgress: 13 offensive things to which Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has compared gay people; Mother Jones only lists seven

David Badash has a bone to pick with Tovia Smith's marshmallow piece on NOM's "Mary" (Maggie) Gallagher on NPR's All Things Considered aired locally on KVNO last Friday. Meanwhile, Gallagher is still flogging discredited Regnerus study on gay parenting and three dubious others

The clamor grows louder for an audit of the Texas Enterprise Fund, a taxpayer funded program to attract business to Texas and used, critics contend, as a Gov. Perry slush fund. Texans for Public Justice found that by the end of 2010, companies getting cash from the fund were only creating about 37 percent of the number of jobs promised.

Now the FBI want to spy on you online in real time

Gawker goes to New York City's Black Party

Thousands of gun deaths since Newtown killings

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