Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nebraska senate debates LGBT rights: No, Senator Christensen, polygamy is not a sexual orientation

Coming video: Sen. Chambers asks a "former homosexual" if the sex he had back in the gay was enjoyable, causing the Christers in the hearing room to erupt in anger; when they did so a second time, Committee Chairman Brad Ashford threatened to clear the chamber. 

First, one of the two most hostile members of the Nebraska Judiciary Committee, Colby Coash (BFF of Ted Nugent), recited the trendy new talking points advanced by antigay Christians, about LGBT people not conforming to the definition of a protected class in the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964 and therefore not a fit group to be designated a protected class in today's thoroughly modern world.
     Senator Ernie Chambers patiently explained (for the obvious benefit of Coash) why the U.S. Civil Rights Act definitions need not and are not the controlling authority for classes that Nebraska is allowed to protect, to whit (emphasis added):
...Nobody could argue and be taken seriously that the legislature cannot not due what is being undertaken now.
     Following that, Sen. Mark Christensen, who represents District 44 and the NRA, was dumb enough to reiterate Sen. Coash's conflation of polygamy with various sexual orientations, (thinking apparently that he would score some points with the Bible thumpers), but LB485's sponsor, Danielle Conrad, efficiently dismissed Christensen's bizarre delusion. 

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