Thursday, March 28, 2013

How Tom Osborne and Lee Terry helped GOP try to block Supreme Court review of antigay DOMA law

In 2004, Doug Bereuter voted on the right side of history,
against defending DOMA. Lee Terry and Tom Osborne didn't.
In Nebraska, both Tom Osborne and Lee Terry (but not Doug Bereuter) voted for the so-called 2004 Marriage Protection Act which laughably tried to prevent judicial review of the Defense of Marriage Act, which cost widow Edie Windsor $363,000 in estate taxes because the federal government refused to recognize her legal, 2007 Canadian marriage to Thea Spyer.
     Shame on both Osborne and Terry for 1) disrespecting the courts by voting for a court-stripping law which did nothing to prevent the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments this week on the constitutionality of the law they arrogantly tried to put beyond judicial scrutiny and for 2) supporting the DOMA effort to compel the federal government to undermine some marriages as well as the sovereignty of states and other countries to decide the issue for themselves.

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