Friday, March 15, 2013

Harvard-educated MD: gay males are sluts, so Nebraska shouldn't approve antibias measures benefiting lesbians

Note: audio more easily understood via headphones. Also: State Senator asks ex-gay at Nebraska antiLGBT bias bill hearing if he enjoyed the gay sex he used to have, causing Christers to erupt angrily in the first of two outbursts, after which they were told to behave or the room would be cleared.

Absolutely the most hostile (and suspect) testimony at yesterday's  LGBT antibias bills hearing came from Dr. Louis Safranek, a Harvard-trained MD who practices internal medicine in Omaha.
     His argument against three pending bills in the Unicameral that would address antiLGBT bias in Nebraska, involved reciting statistics from 30-year-old studies that he interprets as indicating gay males are extremely promiscuous, a condition he has decided is due to the fact that the subjects were gay and not from the fact that they were males.
     Safranek evidently never troubles his exquisitely-coiffed head about the possibility that homosexuality may have far less to do with the promiscuity of some gay males than the horniness induced by the testosterone that younger males have in more abundance than any other group of sexually-interacting human beings, or the fact that HIV just happens to be transmitted more effectively male-to-male than in other combinations of sexual congress.
     AKSARBENT won't even begin to examine the stupidity of linking promiscuity in some gay males to denial of employment rights to all gay males.
     Further, Safranek cited no statistics on the promiscuity of gay women, even though they represent as much as half the population affected by LGBT antibias legislation. Sexist, much?
     AKSARBENT wouldn't trust Safranek as a physician farther than we could throw an entire shelf of hair products without independent and credible assurance that his diagnostic ability is markedly better than his apparent lack of common sense, his nasty, unproven and promiscuous disposition to recklessly indict homosexuality per se as an agent of fatal infections, and the fact that he chose to completely ignore a huge segment of the gay community — women (who, perhaps, where Safranek is concerned, should count their blessings.)

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