Saturday, March 30, 2013

A blatant falsehood and some crude sexism from the Douglas County GOP chair, now on warpath against Brad Ashford

There's an old joke about the difference between a used car salesman and a computer salesman, that being that a used car salesman knows when he's isn't telling the truth.
     Here at AKSARBENT, we think that the radical right-wing Chairman of the Douglas County Republican party, Bryan Baumgart, does know when he's advancing a falsehood, but either A) doesn't care or B) thinks people who read what he writes are too stupid to see what he's up to.
     Lately, as the conservative field challenging Mayor Jim Suttle self-destructs due to dark money chicanery, the only candidate who isn't in the mud pit, Brad Ashford, apparently has emerged as a threat to GOP business as usual.
     Enter Baumgart, who has been working his twitter thumbs to the bone savaging Ashford, lately:

Oh look! Bryan Baumgart, in his private twitter account, is retweeting quotes from himself in the capacity of Chairman of the Douglas County GOP!

Now let's examine the actual headline of the Nebraska Watchdog article to which Baumgart linked, shall we?
Not exactly the same thing as "Ashford bad for Omaha", is it? But wait, there's more! The very Nebraska Watchdog post to which Douglas County GOP Chairman Baumgart linked, busts his falsehood:

The "He" above is Baumgart himself, who published the imaginary Kerry "backing" of Ashford in a signed post on dcrponline, which is where Nebraska Watchdog got the quote.

Baumgart's own twitter account is a rich mine of right-wing flimflammery (Andrew Breitbart, WordNet Daily, etc.) and even a crudely sexist photo meme.

Baumgart, head of the Douglas County GOP helpfully illustrated his tweet with the following pictorial guide to when to strip search guys and dolls, in the link to his website within the tweet:

More unhinged agitprop written or retweeted from Douglas County GOP Chair, Bryan Baumgart:

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