Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Video of Lindsey Graham's failed attempt to badger Ed Flynn, Milwaukee police chief, over background checks

At a Senate gun control hearing today, South Carolina Senator and NRA stooge Lindsey Graham again tried to use the NRA's hollow bullet point strategy of opposing expanded gun sale background checks.
      Graham again advanced the ridiculous rationale that since most people who fail background checks because they provide incorrect information are not prosecuted, we should not expand background checks to include now-exempt gun show sales, a huge loophole. (More about this at ThinkProgress.)
     Milwaukee's police chief, Edward Flynn was having none of Graham's flimflammery:

It doesn’t matter, it’s a paper thing. I want to stop 76,000 people from getting guns illegally. That’s what a background check does.

     Graham rhetorically asked that if people who fail background checks are not prosecuted, "What kind of deterrent is that?"
     The answer, which any 10-year-old could figure out: the deterrent is that they don't get guns.

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