Saturday, February 2, 2013

Local reactionary blog, Objective Conservative, suddenly very concernstipated about Chuck Hagel's rumoured firing of lesbian staffer

In a weird post entitled, "Just How Pro-Gay Has Hagel Become?" [AKSARBENT left off three of the four question marks.] Objective Conservative has become so worried that Chuck Hagel may have evolved beyond his heterosexual supremacist mindset, (making him INCONSISTENT!) or may not have (making him a PANDERING LIAR!) that it seems to have retired to its Log Cabin Republicans Memorial Fainting Couch over Hagel's rumored firing of a lesbian staffer.
Yes, like his former stance on abortion and just about everything else, Hagel seems to be willing to say anything and change anything he ever supposedly believed in to be relevant---to become Secretary of Defense.
     So now that Hagel has recanted all his former anti-gay attitudes we think maybe it is time for him to fess up. Did he really fire a well-regarded young lady employee in his U.S. Senate office and send her packing back to Omaha because he found out that she was gay?
     We have every reason to believe he did. But, sadly, that lady now works for a firm that happens to be just a little enamored by Chuck Hagel and a potential position as Secretary of Defense.
     ...maybe it's just time he apologized to that young lady whose life was forever changed by his bigotry? [AKSARBENT left off five of the six question marks.]
     An observance: US Senators and Representatives have exempted themselves from virtually all antidiscrimination employment laws that the rest of us must follow. They can basically do what they like.
     Another observance: While AKSARBENT is not a fan of Objective Conserative, we know someone who is!
     A final observance: We at AKSARBENT were really quite touched by Objective Conservative's heartfelt empathy with the young lesbian whose life was "forever changed by his [Hagel's alleged homophobic] bigotry."
     Therefore you can imagine our confusion when we spied OC's "Upcoming Events" sidebar promoting a $50-per-person fundraiser for Jean Stothert, the same Mean Jean who attempted to play Omaha's gay community for fools in the Omaha City Council Chamber, just before before voting against Omaha's LGBT antibias ordinance.

     Gosh, Objective Conservative, doesn't charitable concern about antigay bias begin at home?

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