Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Facebook subsidiary Instagram threatens to shut down Madonna's account for unspecified violations

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The Guardian reports that Madonna has received a warning from Instagram threatening to shut down her account. Said one wag: See? Stars are just like you and me! The pop music icon's response was to post the warning:

Said The Guardian:

     It is not clear which of Madonna's photos provoked the ire of Instagram's monitors. Since launching her account in November, the singer has only posted 19 photos. Most of them are hardly controversial: self-shots of Madonna's lips, the image of a horse, a valentine from her daughter. But Madonna hasn't always been so demure. In one photo,there is a glimpse of the singer's cleavage. In another, shot during one of the Material Girl's recent concerts, her bottom features prominently...
     More likely, Facebook-owned Instagram is leery of the photos Madonna has shared of painter Frida Kahlo. One of these was taken by Antonio Kahlo, the other by Lucienne Bloch.

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