Thursday, February 21, 2013

Amazon's new gay-friendly 'Husbands' Kindle ad:
company clearly not afraid of offending million moms — they've only read one book

     AKSARBENT bought a Nook, which reads more of the formats we wanted than Kindle, but we love Amazon's new ad, if not its business practices, which have involved private ambulances and paramedics parked on site at a warehouse to collect victims of heat stroke/exhaustion from third floor temperatures of 110 degrees.
     Kindle's Paperwhite display is e-ink, just like other Kindles and Nooks from Barnes and Noble. Embedded video above is via ispot, which is conducting a survey about the commercial (So is AKSARBENT! Read on!) In the wee hours of this morning the split was:

Which husband do you think is the gay one? Vote in
AKSARBENT's poll at the upper left part of this page.
     The ad, made by film director Ben Younger for Eyeball of New York City, will surely delight the fundraisers at the American Family Association's profitable "million moms" subsidiary, whose hunchbacks will no doubt climb the bell tower to ring the siege mentality alarms at an increasing number of deaf ears.
     Memo to reactionary Christers: If the popular culture shift and ship have left you behind, don't mope — take AKSARBENT's advice: Book a Carnival Cruise!

Reaction from, a tool of which just photobombed weather coverage down in Lincoln:
Nothin better than when a chick assumes she’s hot enough that you’re trying to bang her and you just own her right in her fuckin face. Hey toots you think you’re hot shit? Think you’re upsetting me by dropping the husband bomb on me? Guess again babe!

At 12 seconds it looked like he was about to snort a line.

absolutely fucking bullshit're telling that gay dude's husband is wearing jean shorts to the beach? never in a million years would a poof be rocking ecko's especially to the beach

If it pisses off the midwest and religious dick-bags; I'm for it.

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