Thursday, November 22, 2012

St. Petersburg judge throws out suit against Madonna

Madonna in St Petersburg
Madonna in St Petersburg last August. Photo: Olga Maltseva/AP
The Guardian reports that a $10.7 million lawsuit brought against Madonna by various reactionary groups for her support of Pussy Riot and gay rights during a St. Petersburg concert has been tossed out by Judge Vitaly Barkovsky, who deliberated for more than an hour following a day-long hearing not attended by the Material Girl.
     He "appeared to treat the case with skepticism from the start. After one claimant, Vitaly Orlovsky, said Madonna's concert would prompt the divorce rate to skyrocket, Barkovsky asked him why he was suing no alcoholics, since alcoholism was a well-known cause of divorce in the heavy-drinking country."
     One senior official called Madonna a "moralizing slut" (which is kinda true). Among other things which are not at all true, the plaintiffs argued that Madonna's performance would adversely affect Russia's birthrate and therefore its ability to maintain a proper army and would therefore lead to the destruction of the nation.

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