Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chloe Teply stiffed the pizza delivery guy, so he left her a tip — doggie-style, on her door — now Pizza Hut has fired him and the apartment complex may file charges

Teply, on stiffing pizza delivery men: "If you're going to be really upset about
things like that, then maybe you shouldn't be a pizza delivery guy at all."
KCCI reported that Teply knew when she ordered the pizza that she "probably" didn't have enough money to tip the guy.


  1. I have never worked in the fast food/waiter/delivery driver industry, but even I knew at a young age that if you don't have enough money to tip your delivery driver, you don't have enough money for food. TIP

  2. If you can't afford to tip your delivery driver, maybe that money would go further being spent at a grocery store instead of on overpriced, nutritionally-lacking, hand-delivered, poor quality quasi-food. I would have opted for the route of verbally shaming Ms. Teply, but I find it hard to blame the guy for his choice of retaliation. A word to the wise Chloe: Your days of ordering 'delivery' are long over. You are obviously not a very intelligent person. good luck with that!

  3. Sadly for this homely porker, it was the closest she had come to a man's long time....too lazy to pick up, too cheap to tip, too gluttonous to order a smaller pie. What're the odds that this hambeast spends most of her nights alone.eating large pizzas? Pretty good.

  4. If she knew she couldn't afford to compensate the driver for their service,she shouldn't have willfully taken advantage of it.Same goes for servers in restaurants.Only difference is,delivery drivers stand a better chance of getting MURDERED on their job.

    This driver may be at fault too,but as a former pizza delivery driver,I would be willing to bet for this driver to have taken such an extreme measure,Ms.Teply is probably a regular customer who orderers several times a week,and NEVER tips,and even worse,probably on more than one occasion paid with cash and shown the ability to tip (I.E. receive change back).I have had several nights where I got stiffed on EVERY DELIVERY taken,and att eh end of the night,actually LOST money to do the job,which is not how it is supposed to work.

    This argument on "to tip or not to tip" is as old as time its self.But it boils down to this:

    If you dont believe in tipping,dont order delivery.Drivers dont want your business.
    If you still insist on ordering,and still insist on stiffing the driver,DO NOT expect FAST, FRIENDLY,OR COURTEOUS service.In the end,WE OWN our vehicles,pay for gas, maintenance,etc,and make the final call on who gets their food first.DO NOT be condescending,pretentious,or a dick when you answer the door.Dont tell us how good of a job were doing,or how you appreciate it.A verbal tip is worse than no tip at all.All youre doing is acknowledging we deserve to be compensated for the service,which only makes the already irritated driver more prone to lash out.Just open the door,sign your credit card slip,put the line thru the tip,or give us your $20 for your $12 order,and wait for your change,and take your food and go eat it.

    In the end,this is a hard,thankless job.And without tips,it isnt even worth doing.

  5. She's a beast and a terrible person, and she's fortunate that all he did was pee on her door.

    You DO NOT FUCK WITH SERVICE PEOPLE. They handle YOUR FOOD, and they KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE, and they are PISSED OFF ALREADY without some beast starting shit with them.

    I wrote a blog post about the bitch, feel free to check it out if you feel so inclined: