Thursday, October 25, 2012

Deb Fischer now among 13 GOP senate candidates who think rape victims should be forced to have child

Deb Fischer, the Nebraska GOP candidate for Senate who is long on feel-good conservative bullet points and short on vision has now flip-flopped from her 2004 position on the issue of a woman's right to choose not to carry the baby of a rapist to term. (Story here.)
     She also doesn't believe in Global Warming, despite the increasing regularity of weather extremes characteristic of that phenomenon, including record drought here in Nebraska.
     Oh — and she underhandedly snuck in a loophole in legislation which confers eminent domain privileges on pipeline companies but not wind energy companies.
     The Nebraska GOP has never made it easier to justify a vote for Bob Kerrey.

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  1. fischer will say anything to get elected.

    btw: vote on Election Day for:

    for Bob Kerrey for Senate in Nebraska

    and John Ewing for US Congress in Nebraska

    and Judy Domina for Nebraska State Senate District 39

    and Danyelle Baratta-Krause for OPS Board District 8 in Omaha