Sunday, September 9, 2012

Iowa Family Leader backpedals slightly on its Judge Wiggins smear but announces bus tour to trash him

After Towleroad published a link to the above video in AKSARBENT's post deconstructing the Big Fat Out-of-context YouTube Lie produced by the Bob Vander Plaats / Tamara Scott organization, the group is now attenuating its fraudulent attack (slightly), but hasn't changed the video.

Here's what the Family Leader's new political hit squad, Iowans for Freedom, is now saying: about Wiggins' obvious joke (which elicited laughter that IFF deceptively cut from its video.)
You’ll get a kick out of watching the video ...when Judge Wiggins says, “So tell me, in your best way, how we can get around the Iowa constitution.” Fortunately Judge Wiggins wasn’t talking about an important issue like marriage, but instead was referring to a technicality with a nominee.
The tentative anti-Wiggins bus tour schedule
Monday, Sept. 24: Des Moines, Pella, Ottumwa, Burlington
Tuesday, Sept. 25: Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Cedar Falls
Wednesday, Sept. 26: Mason City, Marshalltown, Ft. Dodge, Carroll
Thursday, Sept. 27: Council Bluffs, Sioux City, Spencer, Orange City will give specific times and locations.

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