Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nebraska's Dan Whitney, aka Larry the Cable Guy, is his predictable homophobic self at Comedy Central's Roseanne Barr roast

From ThinkProgress Alyssa:
...Ross cites Larry the Cable guy’s joke as part of what he’s learned to armor himself against, “I get a lot of flak from critics for being homophobic, but lemme tell you somethin’…I think having invited Jeff Ross here tonight proves how much I love the queers,” fails to live up to Ross’s roast standards. What ends up being revealing about that joke is precisely its dishonesty: Larry isn’t willing to declare himself either gay-friendly or a homophobobe, so he employs a “some of my best friends are” ruse that ALSO doesn’t reveal anything true about its subject.
Dan Whitney is known for his homophobic Larry the Cable Guy character (more a reflection of himself than any cable guy AKSARBENT ever met) — a font of second-rate humor with which he has separated millions of dollars from Bubbas all over the USA.
     (Even when Whitney rips off other performers, he gets it wrong; at a premiere of Cars, the tone-deaf Whitney mangled an old Conan O'Brien joke about an aging Paul Newman racing with his turn signal on.)
     A native of Pawnee City, Nebraska, Whitney lives in the state half the year and in Sanford, Florida the other half, rents a skybox at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, and has a friendly audience for his gay put-downs on Z-92's Todd 'N Tyler Show in Omaha.
     The only way Whitney knows how to deal with gays is to put them down, as he is neither talented nor incisive enough to send them up, too cheap to hire writers who can and too clueless to steal from comedians who have figured this stuff out, even though he is not above stealing repurposing material.
     Here is how Whitney excuses himself:
They take things way too seriously. It's like I always say, there's different kinds of styles for different kinds of people. I may not be for that guy. . . . He might like a comedian that somebody else thinks is racist and homophobic. . . . You have to have thick skin if you are going to do this, because once you get successful, you're a target.
     Obviously, Chick-fil-A brain is too busy nailing himself to the cross to acknowledge the simple truth that he has made a career out of pandering to people even dumber than he is by cynically using his platform to target the people they hate.
     At any rate, Whitney's bad taste seems to be ecumenical. His Nebraska home just outside Lincoln has 5,883 sq. ft., is  assessed at 1.5 million but looks like this. Ugh.


  1. Haha. Someone hates people who have more money than them! Good thing he's homophobic! I don't know very many gay nebraskans anyway. I think he and Phil Robertson should be applauded for standing up for their beliefs the way gay people are celebrated for, not the opposite, which happens. If you honor gays for being outgoing, fine, but don't complain when someone is honest and stands up for the opposite. I don't see you clapping for the anti-gay movement, only what you think is ok. How are some people so convoluded?

  2. No one HONORS gays... they fight every day just to not get beaten in the streets and degraded. So 'standing up for your beliefs' might have worked in 1962 as a reason to deny african americans the right to vote or eat in a white restaurant but it doesn't fly today. People, other than you, are smarter than that. If you are a hater, just be a hater...and learn how to spell convoluted...