Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arrest of gay Lincoln, NE woman, Charlie Rogers in alleged hate crime hoax: Nebraska gay organizations issue joint statement

Star City Pride, PFLAG Cornhusker, UNL’s LGBTQA Resource Center, and Outlinc have released the following joint statement:
Over the past few weeks, law enforcement has been very forthcoming in providing information to leaders of Lincoln's gay and transgender community. They recently discussed with our organizations the evidence and corresponding analysis in this case. We appreciate their openness during this process.
     Law enforcement has reiterated that serious hate crimes do happen in Lincoln. These crimes devastate the very fabric of every community in Lincoln. They cause people to turn their heads over their shoulder in fear. Any allegation of crime or violence motivated by hate deserves the most serious investigation by law enforcement. By working with the FBI and multiple independent analysts, we are confident that this crime has received a balanced and thorough investigation.
     We encourage anyone who has been a victim of a hate crime to contact law enforcement. Our recent experience gives us confidence that any crime in Lincoln will be thoroughly and fairly investigated.
     In this instance, the complaint was determined to be a false report. The false reports received by law enforcement every year do not invalidate the actual crimes that are committed and investigated by law enforcement in Lincoln.
     It is important not to focus on the actions of any single individual. As residents of Lincoln we must continue to bring our community together to declare that violence and hate are not the values of our city. We have come together to say that we will care for those in need. We must not forget what our city is capable of when we join together in one voice.
     Many people in Lincoln, not just those who are gay or transgender, will continue to have many questions, mixed emotions and confusion. If you need support, the websites below will be updating with information about support opportunities in the near future.

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