Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CBS: House GOP has squandered $50 million of your taxes repealing Obamacare 33 times

Above: Iowa and Nebraska's GOP representatives.  Clockwise from upper left:
Steve King (5th district, Iowa), Adrian Smith (3rd District, Nebraska),
Lee Terry (2nd district, Nebraska), Tom Latham (4th District, Iowa),
Jeff Fortenberry (1st District, Nebraska)
Incessant iterations of Obamacare repeal by House Republicans have gone nowhere, as the Senate is controlled by Democrats and as Obama would be sure to veto such a measure. But the Grand­standing Old Party is still squandering millions of tax dollars on it. CBS reports that it costs about $24,000,000 per week to run the House, which has spent at least two workweeks tilting at this particular windmill.

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