Friday, May 18, 2012

Nebraska Family Council launches petition drive to kill LGBT protection ordinance amid a propaganda offensive against Lincoln gays; cites evidence from crackpot Obama-hating birther website, WorldNet Daily

Nebraska Family Council's Al Riskowski:
At the Lincoln City Council, reasonable
and respectful, but in his web site, a
font of disinformation about the gay
community, replete with agitprop
from one of the nastiest right-
wing websites in America.

The Nebraska Family Council (NFC) is busy gathering the 2500 signatures it must collect in two weeks to put Lincoln's new LGBT ordinance on holding pending a popular vote.
    During the recent hearing, the NFC's Al Riskowski and Hannah Buell both testified against the measure's adoption by the City Council, which approved it 5-0. Lincoln's two GOP councilmen, Adam Hornung and Jon Camp abstained.
     Buell cited a now-familiar litany of Christians supposedly victimized by laws extending to gay people the protected status that Christians now enjoy.
      A favorite anecdote, repeated by Buell, was of the New Mexico wedding photographer who refused to photograph a gay couple's affair and got sued.
     Because the NFC obviously considers gay people inferior entities, it is predictably silent about the fact that a gay person could also be suedeven without a sexual orientation ordinance — for refusing business from an antigay Christian bigot.
     That's right, gay wedding planners — if the grandson of, say, a Mormon heterosexual supremacist stake president wants you to plan his wedding, you'd better say yes or you could be in a lot of trouble — even if said grandson is cut from the same cloth as the grandfather who turned out a small army of petition gatherers and raised several hundred thousand dollars for Amendment 416 back in 2000 to make sure you and your partner can never own your house as tenants-in-entirety or even have a civil union or domestic partnership in Nebraska.
     This is how Hannah Buell, Al Riskowski and the Nebraska Family Council roll. To them, victimization is a one-way street; Christers are the targets; homos are the perps.
Nebraska Family Council link to WND, a radical right-wing birther website
The above link, as well as at least a dozen others, have disappeared.
     To drive this ideology home, NFC has thrown up a web page with lots of links, often to far-right-wing organizations like the so-called Pacific Justice Institute. Said page  with this introduction to the gullible:
Here are a few cases of the impact these types of ordinances have on religious liberty, freedom of speech, and freedom of association.
Top: Hannah Buell, of the Nebraska Family
Council, testifies against LGBT rights to the
Lincoln City Council, referencing her "large"
amount of "research" into LGBT protection
Bottom: Current Anti-Obama "birther" story
in wingnut website WND, one of the sources
cited by the Nebraska Family Council website
for stories about alleged victimization of
Christians by gays.
     Underneath are link after link to one-sided takes conjuring up a new mythology of Christian victimhood peddled by Riskowski/Buell types.
     One fable appears under the heading
CA citizens fired because of Prop 8 support; the NFC link recounts the scary saga of a "Los Angeles" restaurant manager (who, contrary to NFC's headline, was not said to have lost her job) but who was supposedly targeted by gay "mobs" who "harassed El Coyote’s customers" until police in "riot gear settled them."
     Where did the Nebraska Family Council find this horror story? Why, in WND, that's where! That's right — WorldNet Daily, the radical right-wing, birther conspiracy, anti-Obama website.
     You'd think that the Nebraska Family Council, which lists "integrity" as a "core value" would be above smearing gay Lincolnites by association with tripe from a publication that:

  • In 2004, uncritically repeated unverified rumors about a John Kerry affair and never apologized when they were proven false;
  • Was sued by Clark Jones, an Al Gore fundraiser, for $165 million after WND described him as a suspected drug dealer, said he obstructed justice, was guilty of arson, etc. (WND settled out of court a month before trial and retracted its statements.)
     But AKSARBENT digresses. What about the "mobs of protesters who harassed El Coyote’s customers" until police in "riot gear settled the crowd"?
     Well, actually, the protesters "harassing" El Coyote's customers WERE El Coyote's customers — or ex-customers — furious about the restaurant's Christian manager/backstabber who pretended to support the gay community which patronized her restaurant while quietly betraying that community by giving money to a movement which villified them and ultimately got passed a referendum ending civil marriage for gays and making gay couples strangers to the law in California.
     This is also called a boycott. It's a tactic that Christian organizations use every day in the US. But when gay people do it, organizations like the Nebraska Family Council consider it intimidation and victimization of "people of faith."
     That "Los Angeles" restaurant? It was located in West Hollywood, one of the gayest communities on the planet.
     The cops in "riot gear?" Um, look at the picture below (cop circled) to get a feel for the kind of cheap lies Hannah Buell, Al Riskowski, and the Nebraska Family Council are currently promoting, statewide.
West Hollywood gays furiously react to the news that the manager of a
restaurant with heavy gay patronage had secretly given money to the
Prop 8 campaign to strip gay couples of their civil marriage licenses.
Left: a cop, clad in what the Nebraska Family Council is tricking followers into thinking was "riot gear," watches LA gays protest a duplicitous Christian business manager who rewarded their patronage by contributing to Prop 8.

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  1. al is also part of the dubious Pro-domionist and 7 mountains group called the Storehouse Movement.

    Al is a scary guy and it's time people stand up to radical right extremists like al riskowski and the storehouse movement