Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nebraska alleged voter supression scheme now being formally investigated by Justice Dept.; GOP Gov. Dave Heineman stonewalls KMTV reporter about his appointee, Dave Phipps

To NE Gov. Dave Heineman: "The department of Justice is
investigating your appointee. Are you going to start looking
into him as well?"
Nebraska, which hasn't gone Democratic for a president since LBJ, can now split its electoral vote; it and Maine (which has the same system) are the only states which can.
     The two delegates corresponding to the state's senators have to vote as the state did, but the three delegates corresponding to the state's congressional districts must vote according to the preference of each district.
     In 2008, Omaha went for Obama, putting the second congressional district in his column (Obama opened several campaign offices in Omaha to pull this off.) In the wake of that, the GOP has tried to repeal Nebraska's ability to split its vote; so far it hasn't succeeded.
Douglas County election commissioner Dave Phipps knowingly
sent out 2,000 voter cards with wrong information, then said
they couldn't be recalled in time — but never called the printer,
who told KMTV they probably could have been pulled.
     But, there are other ways... GOP Gov. Dave Heineman's appointee, Douglas County Election Commissioner Dave Phipps, recently created an uproar by announcing the closing of about half the county's polling places. Then he admitted to sending out 2,000 voter registration cards for largely black North Omaha —cards that he knew had wrong information — saying that it was too late to stop the printer. (KMTV's Liz Dorland interviewed the printer, discovering that not only could the printer have pulled the 2,000 cards, but that Phipps never called.)
     After stiff-arming Dorland repeatedly, Heineman (whose modus operandi is to clam up or to plead ignorance about bad news) has told KMTV he "might" be willing to agree to a sit-down interview on the subject. Dorland's KMTV report nails Heineman to the wall.

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