Saturday, April 28, 2012

A bunch of teen Christers walk out on Dan Savage; Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes is on the case! Family Research Council's Citizen's Link swings into action!

Carefully avoiding telling his readers that thousands were in the audience, Todd Starnes, of Fox News Radio said "As many as 100 high school students walked out of a national journalism conference after an anti-bullying speaker began cursing, attacked the Bible and reportedly called those who refused to listen to his rant “pansy assed.”
     Starnes also concealed the fact that as soon as Savage first "cursed" (a "bullshit") he got a big round of applause and then a second one as the Christer Contingent began filing out. (Watch the video.)
     Karla Dial, of Citizen's Link, a Family Research Council political pressure group, quoted a father of one of the students who walked out:
“I’m well-versed in the rules of the game, the captive-audience ethic,” he said. “You have a bunch of kids. They’re required to go to school. They don’t have the option of walking out on you as a teacher, so you guard your speech."
But in the first paragraph of her story, Dial, made it obvious that the attendees weren't in school, that the conference was obviously optional (taking place on the weekend) and that students probably should have known what they were in for, given the title of the conference and the well-known quantity that is Dan Savage:
A group of high school journalism students attending a conference called “Journalism on the Edge” in Seattle over the weekend felt they were pushed over the edge by syndicated sex advice columnist Dan Savage.
     Please. Spare. Us. Like Christer high school students studying journalism don't know how to use The Google and didn't know in advance what Dan Savage is all about?
     AKSARBENT thinks it'll go to a Coach Ron Brown revival meeting and then bitch to the media, Tom Osbourne and Bo Pelini about how shocked we were that he crapped all over our gay feelings and see how far that gets us.
     RELATED: Though none of the kids in that audience is old enough to remember it, doesn't this remind you of Apple's "1984" ad, with Dan Savage in the role of the evil IBM-like video overlord, right down to his, um, costume? Creepy. Also creepy: Apple is now a much more valuable company than IBM, which makes a lot more of its products in the USA than Apple does.

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  1. another staged video from the christers.