Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Oscar Best Picture Winner, 1927's Wings, gets new DVD/BluRay release

Wings, 1927
Wings was the first movie (and only silent film) to win a Best Picture Oscar. But never say never... the 2011 release, The Artist, is mostly silent and is nominated for best picture. Hope the restoration of Wings isn't sepia-toned, as the trailer below seems to imply. Yecch.
     Also hope the "restoration" doesn't delete the interesting shots at the recruiting station or the shot of Clara Bow (very) briefly flashing the camera as she changes clothes.
     Fluff aside, the movie is STILL thrilling to watch after all these years, and taught movie makers an important, expensively-learned rule: Airplanes filmed in mock-dogfights need to be filmed against clouds to show movement, else the shot seems static.

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