Sunday, October 30, 2011

Short Takes: Omaha World-Herald endorses special pipeline session; new smartphone app: I'm being arrested! USA near bottom of OCED social justice report

Nebraska's largest newspaper endorses the special pipeline session in an editorial, cites Montana's Major Facilities Siting Act and urges senators to git 'r done, or, in Herald-speak: "...there should be room for a common-sense, Nebraska solution"

Shorter University, a George Southern, Baptist College has its tax exemptions and can fire gay employees any time it wants! What a deal

John McCain makes the same joke 27 times in 5 years

New smartphone app: "I'm being arrested!"

Android Ice Cream Sandwich release (4.0): No longer the iphone's ugly cousin

Gay retirement communities walloped by recession

What does OWS want? Wrong question.
Right question: What doesn't it want? Answer: you, Mr. Pundit.

The New York Times concludes that Scandanavia rules in selected measures from the report "Social justice in the OCED" (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) — how do the member states compare?" It places the USA in the bottom five of the 31 countries its chart lists

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