Thursday, October 27, 2011

Iowa Rep. Steve King uses notorious Catholic bully, Bishop William Lori, to trash gay constituents; Gay civil marriage wrong because it insults Catholicism; Next stop: divorce?

Here we see, courtesy of Right Wing Watch, Rep. Steve King of Iowa, speaking at a crudely fabricated Washington, D.C. hearing concocted to recast tax-exempt Christian bullies* as victims (House Judiciary subcommitte hearing on "The State of Religious Liberty in the United States.")

In his legislative passion ploy, King chose Bishop William Lori, Catholic Bully,* to play Joan of Arc, tied to the stake by gay marriage advocates.

Watch King cynically and stupidly attempt to paint the LBGT drive to gain legal protections for gay families through same sex civil marriage as, somehow, an attack on heterosexual church marriage.

Equating apples to oranges is a logical fallacy, which King may not have studied in college because in 1970, draft avoider Steve King quit college (and its Vietnam draft deferments) after having drawn a high lottery number (#308) on December 1, 1969, meaning he was safe from having to serve in Vietnam. In 1970 he abruptly quit Northwest Missouri State three years into his college education without earning a degree.
King: If a group of individuals actively engaged in or promoted the idea of desecrating the Eucharist, would that be a direct affront to the Church?
Bishop William Lori, Catholic Bully:* Why yes!
King: Would you name the seven sacraments (of the Catholic Church)?
Bishop William Lori, Catholic Bully:* Baptism, confirmation, eucharist, penance, annointing of the sick, marriage and holy orders
King: When there's an active effort to desecrate a sacrament of the church, that is a direct insult and affront to the Catholic Church
Bishop William Lori, Catholic Bully:* Absolutely!
Steve King is a member of St. Martin's Church in Odebolt, Iowa, a Roman Catholic church.

*WikiPedia says this about King's hearing witness, Bishop William Lori:
While an auxiliary bishop in Washington D.C., he led an investigation at the behest of Cardinal James Aloysius Hickey into a liberal parish in Georgetown. Investigators taped their questioning of priests, staff and volunteers and asked them all to pledge their honesty. Critics said the tactics were a heavy-handed attempt to bully the parish away from its liberal ways. One called it "an inquisition."

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