Friday, September 23, 2011

Short takes: Another state GOP cries wolf over 'voter fraud;' origami paper bag handles; new hack can intercept PayPal session; messed-up military rape law

Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster's claim that 200 out-of-state-tuition rate students were registered to vote in Maine and possibly double-voting not corroborated even once after a two-month investigation at state expense.

Do low capital gains taxes really spur investment?

High School students in Covina, California not amused by the firing of their gay water polo coach.

Microsoft charges Casio to license... Linux? ...and Windows 8 certified hardware may block Linux installations.

Practical origami: instant handles for paper bags.

New JavaScript hacking tool can intercept PayPal, other secure sessions.

Meat industry still denying antibiotic resistance.

Ask a Mexican: Am I supporting the Mexican drug cartels if I smoke pot?

Congress' messed-up new military rape law shifts consent burden of proof to defendent; but under the constitution, that's the prosecution's job.

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