Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Evangelical bullies upstaged at University of Nebraska at Kearney by 'drag queen'

After seeing posts of this on Joe.My.God, then Towleroad, both referring to "Drag Queen" in their headlines, AKSARBENT was, like, Whoa! there are drag queens in Kearney? Nobody informed us before proceeding with this...

Imagine our relief when we actually watched the video and realized (as a commenter at JMG confirmed) that this was not a drag queen, this was a boy in a dress.

Whatever. We still liked the guerrilla theater that threw a monkey wrench into the photo op that the Christers undoubtedly intended to use to fleece more money from their flock.

As one YouTube commenter more familiar with Kearney and its denizens than we are, said: "Attaboy Spencer!"

Finally, as much as we like to root for the home team, we still prefer the way the reprobates at Yale handle situations like this. So thanks, pushy Cornhusker Christers, for providing AKSARBENT another excuse to show this magnificent picture taken by the Yale Daily News in 2009. We get almost as much of a kick out of the reaction of pink shirt dude as he is getting from the proceedings.

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