Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mainstream media silent so far about lesbian couple who rescued 40 teens from Norway massacre

Pulling someone out of the water is being a good Samaritan. Doing so while someone with a rifle is trying to pick you off, is authentically heroic (i.e., saving other people's lives at the risk of your own.) We at AKSARBENT think these two girls meet the strictest definition of the word in an age when it seems rather promiscuously applied. Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams, please take note.

From Band of Thebes:
Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen [adidas] were eating at their campsite when they heard shots and screams across the water. Did they run and hide? No, they're lesbians, so they jumped in their boat and sped toward the slaughter. The women pulled terrified teens from the water and the rocky coast as the insane far-right gunman shot through their vessel... Hege and Toril ferried the group to safety, then hurried back to the massacre, rescuing another boatload. Then they did it yet again. And still again. Altogether in their four trips they saved forty people from the scene where seventy-six died.

photo: Maija Tammi/HS

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