Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bachmann Iowa Campaign Chair: drug dealing, child support nonpayment, bankruptcy, tax trouble, domestic assault charge

Bachmann's Iowa Campaign Chairman is
apparently such an out-of-control gun nut
that he even creeped out the NRA. Disclaimer:
This Appel ad fails to mention that the law
Sorenson voted for allowed bar employees,
not patrons, to pack heat.
As expected, Michele Bachmann has chosen birther/homophobe Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson (R-Indianola) as director of her Iowa Campaign.

The Bachmann website describes Sorenson as:
...a father of six and resides with his wife Shawnee in Indianola, Iowa. Before his time as a lawmaker, Senator Sorenson was a small business owner, community leader and volunteer firefighter. As a state senator, Sorenson has won wide acclaim from grassroots conservatives in Iowa for leading the charge on common-sense conservative legislation and family policy issues in the legislature.
The Des Moines Register paints a very different picture of Sorenson's interesting past from the whitewashed Sorenson narrative provided by Michele Bachmann, who Politifact claims has made false statements more often than any other public official they have fact checked, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Highlights of Sorenson's curriculum vitae:
  • High school dropout; Iowa House Republican website lied about it  
  • Declared bankruptcy
  • Didn't pay IRS
  • Busted for his role in delivering illegal drugs  
  • Defaulted on Geo (!) car payments  
  • Charged with domestic abuse assault
AND he let his daughter take the fall for his bankruptcy in a letter circulated by Iowa Republicans.

Sorensen told Christian radio host Steve Deace he will push for impeachment proceedings against the four Iowa Supreme Court justices not recently ousted in a judicial retention vote, among whom is Brent Appel, appointed to the Iowa Supreme Court in 2006 by Tom Vilsack. Appel's term expires 12/31/2016. Appel is the husband of Sorenson's recent Iowa senate race opponent, Staci Appel. Sorenson also described a  conversation he had with a Republican leader who reminded him that his constituents elected him to come to the Capitol and “burn this place down." "They want me to do battle. And I understand that,” said Sorenson.


  1. why don't you get the facts straight before you post something like this

  2. His daughter stood up to those who wanted to malign her Dad's character.

    This post is demonstrative of the worst in political blogging.

  3. Dearest Shane,

    AKSARBENT fails to see how the character of a convicted drug dealer, er, delivery boy was maligned by published reports by the Des Moines Register (for which you blog) and others based on public records.

    Dragging the underage children of politicians into the political fray smells, but you and other right-wing Republicans did it anyway.

    As for this post representing the worst in political blogging, AKSARBENT suggests that you wallow for a while in the bile of the Iowa Family Leader's website or the straight-up defamation of the Family Research Council's site.