Thursday, June 23, 2011

Missouri River flooding: concerns rise over two Nebraska nuclear power plants

ABC's piece starts with a report on the evacuation of thousands of Minot, South Dakota residents. Flooding there is from the Red River system which does not drain into the Missouri. Information in the clip about Nebraska's two besieged nuclear plants begins at the 3 minute mark. On Tuesday, the web site of Omaha's KETV got one million hits, mainly from people looking for the latest updates on rising water levels. The Gavins Point Dam, upriver from Omaha, is now releasing the equivalent of a football field of water to a depth of four feet — 160,000 gallons — per second into the Missouri. In West Council Bluffs, Iowa, which faces Omaha across the Missouri River, some residents have resorted to three sump pumps to keep ahead of water seeping into their basements.

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