Thursday, May 5, 2011

Steve King endorsed by Wall St. group which lobbies to kill farm subsidies

The Des Moines Register's William Petroski reported today that The Club for Growth has endorsed U.S. Rep. Steve King's reelection bid to represent the state's newly-drawn 4th Congressional District.

"The country needs more conservative leaders like Congressman Steve King,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “Congressman King has an exemplary record of service, and has a proven committment to pro-growth policies that create jobs... Club members are looking forward to providing Congressman King the resources he needs in order to win in 2012.”
     While The Club for Growth claims that extremist firebrand King's record is "exemplary," the Des Moines Register has called him an embarrassment to the state of Iowa.
     In 2007, the Federal Elections Commission fined The Club for Growth PAC $350,000 for failing to register as a political committee. Former Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has referred to the group as "The Club for Greed."
     Typically, The Club for Growth spends millions in attack ads savaging the opponents of candidates it endorses.
      The Club for Growth has posted more than 20 articles on its web site condemning farm subsidies, which it claims "distort the agricultural economy" and are "nothing more than an income redistribution program." The group says that "the notion that we need farm subsidies to protect the country are absurd."
     It also claims that "farm subsidies impede our ability to expand international trade."

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