Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet the six Colorado Republicans who killed the civil union bill

All sit on the Colorado House Judiciary Committee, a powerful perch from which to thumb their noses at the 72% of Coloradans who support civil unions.

  1. Shotgun-totin' B.J. Nikkel from Loveland
  2. Ex-funeral home assistant Jerry Sonnenberg of Sterling, whose "lifelong friend" Jonnie Walker had to get special permission to work on Sonnenberg's farm with his two teenage sons because he was facing sexual predator charges
  3. Baptist ex-cop Mark Barker of Colorado Springs
  4. Brian DelGrosso, of Loveland who passed time during the testimony of cancer patients on a medical marijuana bill by giggling and texting. Brian has three Domino's pizza restaurants and is a member of Warriors for Christ. DelGrosso lowered his head while voting "no," probably visualizing the dope slap his gay uncle might have given him had he been in the chamber.
  5. Bob Gardner, also of Colorado Springs, who in 2004 submitted, for anonymous publication in voter guides, statements opposing the tax increase to support people with developmental disabilities. A sample of those statements: "The families of people with mental retardation, [should] not expect the government to help," and "By funding programs to care for these children, we are encouraging irresponsibility."
  6. Finally Mark Waller of Colorado Springs, who, the Denver Post noted, once kicked a photographer.  [But hey, it didn't count because he did it just before he was sworn in.]
Contact Information:

Mark Barker:  303 866-3069
Bob Gardner:  303 866-2191
BJ.Nikkel:  303-866-2907
Jerry Sonnenberg:  303-866-3706
Brian Delgrosso:  303-866-2947
Mark Waller:  303-866-5525

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