Friday, March 25, 2011

Are straight boys more polite?
Are gay boys more political?

Several months ago Christian Rudder at OKCupid published some interesting charts, graphs and conclusions by repurposing match question answers (669 million of them!) Aksarbent doesn't know what Rudder's statistical credentials are, but he sure has a lot of data.
Beyond Sex: Gay & Straight Personalities
More than just asking about specific desires and behaviors, our match questions are designed to tease out our users' underlying personalities. We've collected over 669 million answers from users so far. Below is a straight/gay comparison on 23 personality categories. You can mouse-over the ?s for each category to pop-up some examples of the many questions that affect it.

Awesomely, the mountain West lives up to its Brokeback reputation, and Canada is orange nearly coast-to-coast. Even in the yellow and blue areas, you can see pockets of gay curiosity in interesting places: Austin, Madison, Asheville. Anywhere soy milk is served, basically.

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