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Video: Heroically gallant Iowa Rep. Steve King recalls protecting Connie Mackie by personally 'bulldozing' throngs of screaming gays that were 'so intimidating and so threatening and so profane'

Steve King said this happened after he got off the NOM/FRC Judgebus "at nearly every stop." Yeah? Funny, we at Aksarbent don't remember seeing any of that at all. But hey, what news team would want to put conflict like that on the news! We're sure that's why Steve's vivid recollections of political pandemonium never aired on any of the TV stations covering the Judgebus tour.

Take your meds, Steve.

Transcript of interview from Political Correction:
KING: Well let me just do a little bit of history. I was one of the authors of Iowa's Defense of Marriage Act when I was in the state Senate. The language of that is language that I drafted. So that foundation is there.
And I've been a co-sponsor, original co-sponsor of a constitutional amendment to establish marriage between a man and a woman. When the seven Iowa Supreme Court justices ruled and imposed by judicial fiat same-sex marriage in Iowa, I opposed the three of them that came up on retention ballot.
I went on the judge bus tour with the National Organization for Marriage and the Family Research Council, and I climbed off of that bus into the heart of the screaming, profane gays that met us at nearly every stop, and I took them on directly, and in some cases actually — not direct violence, but physical. Yeah, so, and then, I went back down and sat down in the radio studio —
POLITICAL CORRECTION: You were physically — they, like, physically tried to —
KING: Well here's the extent of it. They get right in your face and they scream profanities right at you. And you have to stand there and deliver it. I finally, as my voice gave out, I turned it over to Connie Mackie who is a verbal pugilist of the first order, and they even crowded tight around her, so I turned my back to them and just, I backed up into them. I kept bulldozing them away from Connie Mackie because they were so intimidating and so threatening and so profane.
Huffington Post adds: After losing the initial 2009 battle to the Iowa Supreme Court, King renewed his campaign against gay marriage in late 2010, saying that children raised by same-sex married couples would be similar to those "raised in warehouses."

UPDATE: GoodAsYou has written about this here and has posted links to relevant Prop 8 Tour Tracker documentation of the JudgeBus stops in Waterloo, Mason City, Clinton, Dubuque, and other Iowa cities. Nothing anything like Steve King's outrageous lies was observed in any of those stops. Jeremy Hooper wrote the following at G-A-Y, linked to earlier in this paragraph:

If a Congressman 'bulldozes away' 'screaming,
profane gays' and no one's there to film it...

...does it still make a sound? 

We ask, because there's no record of the following recount actually happening. Not from Iowa's mainstream press. Not from bloggers. Not from YouTubers who filmed the events. Not even, up to this point, from anyone in the conservative movement -- a movement filled with folks who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to exploit any and every chance to make gays look aggressive. 

But leave it to Congressman Steve King (Very Far R-Iowa) to all of a sudden remember some sort of militant, radical, profane gay aggression that's gone wholly unreported for a matter of months:
[Excerpt of video transcript already quoted above]
So produce a tape, Congressman! And by "produce," we don't mean commission the firm that did NOM's "Gathering Storm" ad to CGI some "intimidating, threatening, profane" gays into stock video of a rally. We mean "produce" as in cough up the tape. As in show us where any of this happened. Because we know people who were there on the ground in Iowa -- and none of them saw anything even close to resembling an altercation.

So seriously, dude: Show us some documentation of how you boldly saved Connie Mackie from the de facto burning building that is the equality movement. Until you can, we're gonna stick with our own memories from this tragically misguided tour:
[two embedded videos]

Contact information for Rep. Steve King:

DC Office:
1432 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-4426
Fax: 202-225-3193
Email: steve.king AT mail.house.gov
Web Email
District Office- Council Bluffs:
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