Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sioux City Journal asks:
Who does Bob Vander Plaats think he is?

In an editorial entitled "Remaining justices should feel no obligation to resign" the Sioux City Journal noted:
     ... This week, Vander Plaats issued a new decree: The four justices who remain on the state Supreme Court should step down.
     Here's our question: Who does Vander Plaats think he is?
     During a news conference on Tuesday, Vander Plaats said the rest of the justices should resign because Iowans “... have spoken ...” on the subject of the court's gay marriage ruling. We would remind Vander Plaats the people of Iowa also spoke when they rejected his candidacy for governor or lieutenant governor in three different elections. In other words, Iowans have not voted Vander Plaats into any position of authority in the state.
     The four justices who remain on the court should feel no obligation to step down simply because their colleagues were defeated in their candidacies for retention. To state otherwise would be like saying President Obama should resign because his fellow Democrats lost the House.
Iowa Family Leader's
Bob Vander Plaats
Republican Vander Plaats ran failed bids for governor in 2002, 2006 and 2010. Often, he refers to himself as a "turnaround CEO," referring to his tenure at Opportunities Unlimited.

But Jackie Kibbie-Williams, a former board member and the person who succeeded Vander Plaats as CEO of Opportunities Unlimited told the Sioux City Journal that Vander Plaats’ inability to raise funds for Opportunities Unlimited in what is described as a hybrid management/board position led to his termination by the board.

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