Thursday, December 23, 2010

Radio, Radio, Radio:
Michael Savage, Larry King and Neil Rogers

Homophobic radio host Michael Savage is fighting with Talk Radio Network over an offer involving Westwood One. Says he's an indentured servant. Aksarbent says: A pox on both your houses.
     In respect of Larry King, we always thought his 25-year detour into television was, for him, slumming. Hope he goes back to radio, because no one in the middle of the night was funnier than Larry King. Even when he wigged out, he was better than Michael Savage or Howard Stern or Don Imus or Wolfman Jack or anybody.
      Speaking of radio, Neil Rogers is dying. For those of you who never lived in South Florida, Rogers is the legendary broadcast personality who came out to his audience while Anita Bryant was on the rampage in the late 70s — and kept his popularity for 20 more years. Described as the gay Mencken, Rogers once, on the air, accused the pope of "worthlessly tying up traffic" during his visit to Florida.

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  1. Larry King gave talk radio a good name. He was actually interesting, as opposed to these fools wasting air and airspace.