Sunday, November 14, 2010

Former University of Nebraska professor, defrocked by APA, insists Prop 8 trial was lost due to failure to cite his work (No, really. And this headline wasn't stolen from The Onion.)

Crackpot Paul Cameron's newest bombast is dissected by Alvin McEwan over at Pam's House Blend. Cameron was kicked out of the American Psychological Association in December of 1983 for failing to cooperate with its investigation of him. Cameron claims he resigned in March of 1982.

Not until 1984 did the Nebraska Psychological Association disassociate itself from his work.

Undoubtedly the Nebraska Psychological Association could have reacted sooner, but was probably distracted by the tribulations of the University of Nebraska's most celebrated psychologist, Dr. Tom Osborne, whose statistical success in 1984 was overcome by Oklahoma via four painful turnovers as Oklahoma ended Nebraska's 27-game conference win streak and 21-game win streak in Lincoln.

Although the run-oriented Huskers outpassed the Sooners 236-58, two key second-half stops by the Sooners shut down Nebraska's hopes for a shot at the National Championship.

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