Friday, April 8, 2016

Lincoln, NE's LGBT fairness ordinance is nearly four years old — and unenforceable

It was passed in May of 2012 by the Lincoln City Council. Shortly thereafter, the Nebraska Family Council and Family First of Nebraska (now merged into the Nebraska Family Alliance) enlisted the held of the Roman Catholic Church and various protestant denominations to gather 10,000 signatures to either repeal the law or put it on the ballot as a referendum. However, there is no deadline within the law for the Lincoln City Council to repeal the law and it hasn't, so the ordinance, though on the books, is toothless.
     Below: a few of the several thousand Lincolnites who helped kill legal guarantees of equal treatment in employment and housing for the city's LGBT citizens. Some have suggested that a searchable database be created of everyone who signed Lincoln's petition. (The information is public; signatures can be cross referenced to a database of registered Lincoln voters at the time of the referendum.) This was done in Massachusetts when an unsuccessful petition was circulated to reverse the state's marriage equality law and the signers were put on an Internet-accessible database by
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