Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Another Irish marriage equality ad before 5/22 vote

Although polls indicate that civil marriage will be soon extended to gay couples in the Emerald Isle, no one seems to be taking anything for granted. If successful, activists in other countries should take note; Irish supporters of gay marriage obviously have done their homework and carefully observed similar campaigns elsewhere.
     They're going full tilt on social media and on the phones, and have enlisted every possible supporter from the ranks of politics, art, theatre and from Irish living abroad. This is how it's done, folks. A "Yes" vote later this month will make Ireland the first country in the world to vote for marriage equality.

(Via JMG)

Here's an old Guinness ad for what is probably Ireland's most famous product. The commercial never aired because of the stink right-wingers in England made when they got wind of it. (Side note: unlike Loretta Lynn, some country artists, Tammy Wynette was a great friend to the gay community, which explains the approval of her music (assuming she still owned the rights) for this ad:

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