Sunday, April 19, 2015

Brian Klawiter, antigay Dieseltec owner, ducks TV interview as his Grandville, MI garage is picketed

Brian Klawiter refused to be interviewed by WOOD8 TV during a picket of his business Saturday. An associate said Klawiter was tired of being "misquoted and having his message taken out of context."
     Rev. Robert Teszlewicz, a pastor at Catholic Apostolic Church in Muskegon, organized the protest, which drew about a dozen people. His church is not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.

     Klawiter's unprovoked facebook rant  attracted the ire not only of the Internet, but of suppliers. He explained that he has "chosen" to remove the trademarks of three diesel engine manufacturers from his website. At least one of those companies, Cummins, said it notified Klawiter to stop using its logo:
     We at DIESELTEC INC hold all of our vendors and suppliers in high regard. Due to the current high level of attention we are receiving from our position on a national topic of debate, we have chosen to temporarily suspend the open display of their company names and logos. We respect that they may have alternative views from ours. We will continue to supply and service all of the familiar automotive diesel products you have become familiar with. Please call us if you have any questions about product availability.
Here's what Cummins said on its facebook page:
     Widespread attention to Klawiter has reveal a criminal record of assault and battery and the fact that he has refused to obtain a business license for his shop.

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