Tuesday, March 10, 2015

OU Coach Switzer appears with tearful SAE housemother — then a racist video appeared of HER

After Sigma Alpha Epsilon closed its University of Oklahoma chapter following release of a racist bus video featuring members, the frat's 79-year-old housemother, Beauton Gilbow, was out of a job, so a GoFundMe page appeared to collect money for her. After $6,000 had been collected, the page suddenly disappeared. The following video, discovered by the Oklahoma Daily, may have had something to do with that:

     In an emotional interview with News9, former University of Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer appeared with Gilbow and said he hated that "so many good kids have been hurt." Switzer used to belong to a Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. For her part, Gilbow said she was "in shock" at the racism depicted in (now two) videos of her charges.
   “Did you ever get any indication there was anything like this going on?” News 9's Kelly Ogle asked.
   “No, no, no... ,” Gilbow responded.
RELATED: AKSARBENT's grandmother, (a virulent non-racist, unlike some family members we could mention) also used to be a housemother at a Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter. She became so disgusted with the shenanigans that she quit.

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