Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Omaha Archdiocese using gay marriage as Internet bait to attack LB586, LGBT workplace antibias bill

It goes like this: first the Archdiocese puts a splashy teaser on its website about its disapproval of evolving CIVIL marriage policies, which it feels must meet Roman Catholic approval:

The teaser has a "more" link which sends you to another part of the Archdiocese website with part of the statement by Nebraska's three bishops:

Lucas, in professional drag
If you want to see the entire statement, you have to point your browser at "" at which point Archbishop George "Star Wars" Lucas yanks the Christer Carrot to a different website, that of the Nebraska Catholic Conference, at which point you can click on a link to read the complete bishops' statement, but while you're finding the link, you see a different come-on, to kill LB586!, a bill to ensure job protection for LGBTs:
Click on that and the Catholic Mafia gets your email address and puts you on record of opposing a bill regardless of what carve-outs are made to satisfy the clerics! How's that for take-no-prisoners animus, huh? (We wonder what would happen if you changed the message to one of support for LB586, made a screenshot before you sent it, and then asked your state senator if s/he got it. Wouldn't that be fun to try, kids?)

Along the way, you get to read hypothetical horror stories about what would happen to Nebraska if it made gays a protected class like Catholics. (Spoiler: it might become more like that hell-on-earth, Iowa.) Here's a dark scenario:

NEGATIVE PUBLICITY FOR THE ONE TRUE CHURCH? Gee, that sounds terrible. But they didn't say what school or what teacher or what city or state!!!
     Why, it's like the Nebraska Catholic hierarchy doesn't want you to find out more about this terrible injustice it says was visited on its religion.
     Well, that's what Lucifer's tool, Google, the English Pointer of Internet porn, can also be used for, so we did. Here's what we found:

     Wow, the court says teach (who taught for 32 years) got screwed over by the Catholic school. And his or her current and former students got almost FIFTEEN THOUSAND PEOPLE to say so in a petition.
     One of the teacher's former students, Chris DeNicola, actually ranted for 20 minutes in a jeep (here are the last three) about the whole thing, saying:
It's the administration that made the decision to fire Mr. K. You're fucking disgraceful. You're morons. You're assholes. Teachers should be evaluated, like I said, based on their record as a teacher. If Mr. K was employed there for 30 years, I think he must have been a decent teacher, at least. And like I said, my experience with him was nothing but positive.

Oh look! The Archdiocese is on Twitter (ArchOmaha)
and also using YouTube to sucker people into thinking
it might be self-critical. Hah! Bet you know where
THIS video, is going, don't you?
     The Nebraska Catholic Clergy is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that LGBTs don't get workplace, housing, medical or marriage rights guaranteed where it counts — in law.
     Below is a Catholic priest that we busted on-screen for blatantly lying to the Lincoln City Council in 2012 during a hearing for a proposed city ordinance similar to the statewide law, LB586, that the church is now attacking.
     After Father Kubat's false testimony, Brad Chapin, of PFLAG, got up to tell the council (at 10:08) what it's like trying to stop gay kids screwed up by Catholic religious doctrine from offing themselves.
     On its website, the Nebraska Catholic Conference claims that LB586 would hurt businesses, but does not explain why the measure is supported by the Omaha World-Herald, ConAgra, First National Bank, Greater Omaha Young Professionals both the Lincoln and Omaha Chambers of Commerce, and many other business groups.
     Contact your State Senator today to support LB586 and help balance the Archdiocese's toxic political influence.

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